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-Video Games-


  • Heroes of Newerth

  • – Fmod –
  • Sound design, Foley, mixing, implementation, audio scripting\programming, voice acting, Voice Director, writing, Composer.










 -Online-only videos-




  • Firebolt Production

  • Sound design





  • Unox 

  • Sound design, foley, mixing.


  • PWC

  • Sound design, foley, mixing.


  • Enel

  • Sound design, foley, mixing.




  • -Apps-





-Misc Credits-



  • The Darkness Core book saga

  • Author.

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Ric Viers, Sound designer:

“A good filmmaker knows the value of great sound design. These filmmakers often see to it that the sound designer’s credit is listed where it belongs – on the front credits, with the rest of the designers and artistic leads in the film.”